Dark Skies Ahead

Opens 20 October 2018 5:00pm
Continues until 10 November 2018
Paper Mountain
Curated By Jenn Garland

Written in the ‘year without a summer’ of 1816, Frankenstein was a product of extreme weather across the globe due to volcanic winter following the Mount Tambora eruption. This brief period of climate change triggered devastating worldwide harvest failures and provided fertile ground for speculative and gothic fiction. Two hundred years later, as dark clouds gather on the horizon, what can we draw from Mary Shelley’s cautionary tale of unnatural life born of human hubris and unrestricted techno-science? Dark Skies Ahead, explores science as a contestable power field which offers shelter from the forecasted storm while hastening its arrival and fuelling its intensity. Local and international artists present works which consider ecological futures, spatial and atmospheric perceptions and the dual potential of science.


Amy Perejuan-Capone, Angela Garrick, Devon Ward + Kynan Tan, Kira O’Reilly + Jennifer Wille and Nathan Thompson





Unhallowed Arts